Securely access, share and stream all your storage via an NEC router…No cloud required.


  • Securely access, share and stream router USB attached storage from your remote computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Remotely access, share and stream any device on the router’s network
  • Automatically backup your photos and videos from your smart phones and tablets to your own storage

Meet your new NEC smart hub

Now with your NEC router you can access, share and stream all the files stored via the router’s USB or that are on the router’s network remotely. Using the 1 year pre-paid subscription to FileFlex ($34.95 value), your NEC router becomes a smart hub allowing you to remotely access all the storage you have at your home or office from your smart phone, tablet or computer – no need for the cloud. It provides remote access, sharing, streaming, multi-device remote file management and automatic backup of photos and videos right from where the files are saved.

What makes FileFlex on Your NEC Router different?

FileFlex’s file access virtualization technology enables your router to act as an extension of your smart phone, tablet, or remote PC. You don’t need to build a private cloud or copy anything to a third party public cloud provider. Now you have a simple, user-friendly way to remotely access, share and stream 100% of your content from your own location, without having to move your content anywhere in order to do so.

Privacy and security

FileFlex with your NEC router makes sharing content very secure. Your files, photos, videos and music stay in their source locations – behind the router – and nothing is moved or copied to a third party. Streaming, sharing and downloading is by permission only and is not link-based. You control who can access your stuff. Finally, shared files can be ‘view only’ and downloading prohibited on a file-by-file or contact-by-contact basis at your discretion.

What are some things I can now do with my NEC router?

Today you have collections of digital media such as files, pictures, music, movies and videos that are MASSIVE. Remote access and sharing of all your libraries is simply not possible using the cloud – they are too big – and it’s way too expensive. Because FileFlex abstracts your storage, you can access, share or stream all of your digital media – the size of your collections or files simply does not matter. Huge lifetime collections of music, photos, videos and movies can be remotely accessed or shared with any contact, from anywhere using your NEC router.

Pre-paid 1 year single-user FileFlex subscription included with all NEC routers

NEC routers now include a 1 year single user pre-paid subscription to FileFlex ($34.95 value). FileFlex enables secure remote access, sharing, streaming and file management of files and folders- even large video, music, photo or movie collections – from their source locations stored either on an NEC router or on any storage networked to the router.